The 36 Questions That Lead to Love: Set II #20 The Meaning of Friendship

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship means accepting your friends' quirks, like eating french fries with ice cream, staring into nothing and talking to oneself, or being a crazy cat lady. 

Friendship also means being there, not always physically, but mentally. You can send text, call, send postcards, smoke signal, prayers, good wishes, and it counts. It always count when your friend needed you most. 

Friendship means accepting that you can have different views, but still be able to spend time, talk freely, and enjoy each other company. 

Most of all, the best friendship for me is the effortless one, where you can stay out of touch from time to time, but whenever you are reunited, it feels as if you are never out of touch. 

I love my friends, and I hope they know I love them, because I will never insult them by telling it to their faces. Yes, that's the kind of friends I have :-D


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