The 36 Questions That Lead to Love: Set I #5 Singing

Barney and Friends. Can you spot little Selena Gomez? Borrowed from here.
When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

I sing almost everyday, but mostly when I feel good about myself. When I'm sad or upset, I don't feel like singing. I either humming, singing proper songs, or making them up myself. 

I used to sing a lot when I worked at this preschool. I had to sing to encourage my students to enjoy music, one of the most important aspects they teach at the school. Usually my students willingly sing along with me, but singing children songs everyday is not really good for the soul. One of the most effective ways to annoy people is to play children's songs over and over again. Songs from Barney and Friends even allegedly successful in making a terrorist group surrendered after hearing it for hours. 

I sang Happy Birthday for my friend recently. But honestly, I'm not really comfortable singing that song, or even hearing it. It feels awkward for me, not happy. 

I used to sing in a band or together in a karaoke. I used to sing in a choir. 

You get the idea. I love singing. 


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