Indonesian Wedding Guest Dress Code

If you ever find yourself being invited to an Indonesian wedding ceremony or reception, please do ask about the dress code. Weddings in Indonesia are important and often times serious occasion. If you show up and dress the wrong way, you might find yourself suddenly be the center of unwanted attention. 

Wearing kain and kebaya is usually a safe choice for women to attend wedding. Women also can wear dresses, either cocktail dresses or long dresses. For men, wearing Batik shirt or plain shirt with pants and dress shoes usually acceptable. You can see some samples of the proper attire for women below, well, sorry, it's just me wearing kain and kebaya, but you'll get the idea. 

Short sleeve kebaya 

My friend Yapina was wearing a dress, while I wore embroidery shirt and Ulos long skirt. 

My husband and I, in matching Javanese traditional outfit.

Please, for the love of God, unless it's a wedding reception at the hotel or the dress code said 'anything goes', don't show up to an Indonesian wedding wearing something like this

Or something like this
Unless, you're in desperate need to get everyone at the wedding to stare at you, pointing their fingers, and whispering at each other while still staring at you. 

You won't be escorted out of the venue for dressing provocatively, mind you, but still, please dress accordingly and respectfully to a wedding. Save the sexy and transparent dresses for going out to a club or partying.


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