Intercultural Rhetoric Workshop with Stefan Kammhuber

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Being pushed outside one's comfort zone is never pretty.

At least that was how I feel when I took part in intercultural rhetoric workshop with Stefan Kammhuber, director of Institut für Kommunikation und Interkulturelle Kompetenz, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland.

The workshop main aim was to help the participants to communicate better in international context without losing their own cultural identity. 

I never really like training or workshop because I'm more comfortable learning things on my own. Some training I took were useless and were waste of my resources. But this workshop was different. I was surprise to find a German trainer who had so much compassion and patience dealing with his trainees, unlike the stereotypical German I know. I had the pleasure of being in his class for the micro teaching parts, which were awesome. I learned a lot from him and also from watching the other participants. 

I know that the most expensive part of a training is the learning experience, and I got it from the visits to two companies. I get to see the dynamics of working in an intercultural environment, and dealing with multicultural clients and customers. 

What I always learn the most from the best training and workshops is I know a little bit better about myself. I know that I still don't like direct confrontation and potential conflict, much to my annoyance. I also decide that it's OK not to like everyone, even those I thought were friends. Last but not least, I know that with proper preparation, I can tackle any task that involves presenting my self and my ideas. 

It short, I really enjoy the workshop and hopefully it will help me preparing for my plan to continue my study in the near future.


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