Agree to Disagree

People have been talking about Ahok's decision to leave his party because he disagreed with their political moves. Ahok is currently the leader of Jakarta. 

I never understand why this is so scandalous to many people. Most Indonesians are so uncomfortable when faced with potential conflict with other people and choose to either deny it, run from it, or simply look the other way and pretend it does not exist. 

My father quit his job after a disagreement regarding lay offs. He did it without any hesitation and no regret. He did it because he couldn't bear thinking about his employees being fired for reasons he couldn't fathom. 

I get that agreeing with other people is soothing and easy, but we cannot always have that. Humans thrive when they are thinking and connecting with others, and it bounds to produce disagreement and conflict. For me, it's better to have a heated discussion about important issues, than being quiet but hold grudges. 

If you have something to say and you think it matters, say it. Say it loud and clear so other people hear you and know where you stand. If they disagree with you, don't take it personally and see it as a chance to challenge your values. Don't get frustrated if other people attack your opinion. Just agree to disagree and walk away.


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