Squeeze Machine

Last Monday I got a nice surprise. An ex student of mine came to see his friend, who is still a student in my graduate school class. I used to be his academic advisor. He seemed glad to see me because he hugged me, but I couldn't hug him back because my hands were carrying books and a box of loud speaker. 

Humans need to interact with their kind. Normal humans can do that. But for some, it's not easy to express that need due to their unique condition. Human relations can be mind boggling for people with Autism or Asperger. 

That's why I think Temple Grandin's invention, the squeeze machine, is somewhat genius. It provides a simulated hug for people like her, who are a bit uncomfortable with touch and direct interaction with other people. 

But I also think modern humans should own their own squeeze machine, for when or where hugs are scarce.


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