Reasons why I need to have cats as pet

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Taking care of Chiaki made me feel better after the hell that I went through. 

I somehow thought that if I could take care of a little kitten, it would somehow made me feel that at least I've done something good, that I saved a life, not took one. 

Well, Chiaki turned into Kitty, then Boris, then Garfield. Jeez, even typing their names makes me cry. I love all of them. They made my life sooo much better, exciting, fun, and meaningful. They gave me so much more than I've ever expected, even in their short existance. In short, they make me happy. 

Kittens and cats do that to me. They're comforting and soothing and almost therapeutic for me. Having a cat somehow convinced me that I'm not a total loser in a nurturing department. That I could actually be responsible in other being's life. 

That's why it hurts me when I feel like I'm being questioned about my love for cats. It hurts when I'm told not to do this or do that to kittens or cats. It hurts when I'm being asked about whether I want to hurt kittens or cats, deliberately. 

It especially hurts me when I'm being told not to have kittens or cats, and if I did, they will not want to be held responsible. I love tigers, and lions, and other big cats, but I don't want them as pet. 

I just want to have another cat. Even if it means that I will cry and heartbroken again when something happened to him/her. But I think happiness and well-being will not come into your life just like that. You have to except the fact that even when you've done your best, it's still not good enough. 

You'll get hurt, you'll cry, you'll get angry. But you will be fine again. You just have to figure out ways to deal with the roller coaster of life. You do your best and enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. The important thing is to keep trying to be happy and have meaningful life.

Originally posted on Facebook Notes, April 20, 2010 at 9:18pm.


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