The Fault in Our Stars+The Normal Heart=Death and Love

Death. That's a topic people usually avoid talking about, right? 

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I read The Fault in Our Stars, a John Green novel about two cancer teens who found love in their morbid predicament. I read it fast because the movie would be out this week. 

The story is not really as morbid as it should be. Yes there's pain, suffering, and death in people with cancer, but they're still humans who have good days and wit and charms. And as all mortals, they're prone to fall in love with hot guys and cute girls. 

Borrowed from here.

Speaking about love, I finally watched The Normal Heart on HBO. It's about gay guys fighting for their rights to live, literally, in the early 1980's during the first HIV&AIDS outbreak. Julia Roberts' acting is dazzlingly delicious and I could just lick Matt Bomer's handsome look. It's intense, sad, but hopeful as the same time. It reminded me how people could be so ignorant to the point of being downright heartless. 

To win a war, you have to start one, said the tagline from the movie poster. People often make references about cancer in military terminology, like battle, war, fight, survivor, ect. I think in order to live life the fullest, basically you need to fight for it, but most of all, you also have to love it enough to enjoy it. 

People need to have a relatively bright out look in this morbid life just to survive it. Like Augustus Waters said in the book, "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up." 

Let's ride on the roller coaster and enjoy it, shall we? If you puked, I'll hold your hand (or hair).


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