How To Treat The Common Cold

I've never been hospitalized, ever.

Once I got very close, when I had severe diarrhea and almost suffered dehydration. I've been suffering for two days when my then boyfriend dragged me to a hospital. The doctor suggested that I need to spend the night or two for observation because I had a high fever and was very weak. But I refused. I thought, "I just need to stop going to the bathroom." So the doctor gave me two pills and he forced me to take one of them, right on the spot. And it worked. I stopped going to the bathroom, for two days. But hey, I avoided hospitalization entirely because of one doctor, and one pill.

I used to be very healthy, up until my university years. I used to eat like a pig, hardly sleep, and was into sport.

Now, I walk long distance whenever I could, I try to eat healthy, and try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. I drink tea a lot, and I try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as I could. I drink tea almost everyday and brew my own coffee whenever I can. I wash my hands, a lot. I try not to over think about the things that bothered me, write them when I could, and sleep them off when writing didn't help. I read a lot, too. Mostly I read things that are fascinating and fun, to keep me interested. I watch television and movies, mostly for entertainment purpose. I listen to music and sing along when I can.

Now, I'm a little bit overweight, but last health check-up found I'm quite healthy. I can be healthier  if I want to, and if I put more effort into it, but I decided this year I'm going to take it slow. After a hectic year of strict dieting and stressing, I want to relax a bit.

Yesterday was the first time I got sick this year. It was a combination of rainy days, cold weather, lack of sleep, and drinking cold beverages. I had high body temperature and was very weak. I decided to went home early from work, ate porridge and aspirins, drank a lot of water, and curled up in bed for the next 24 hours. I got better. Much better.

There's no cure for common cold, just sleep and drink plenty of fluid. Simple.

The common cold infographic was borrowed from here.


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