From Russia With Popcorn: Swan Lake 3D

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A couple of days ago I watched an unusual film. It's a ballet performance, shot in 3D movie format. 

I never watched ballet performed live, in full-length before. I've watched ballet performances on television and movies before. I've watched ballet rehearsals and practices. I've watched a ballet dress rehearsal. But never a live show. Well, someday I will. 

Russia's Mariinsky Theater did a project. It's one of its most famous ballets, Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake,’ recorded live in 3D to be shown to cinema audiences in 55 countries worldwide. Those working on the project included the director of ‘Avatar,’ James Cameron. 

When I found out that it was a limited screening, I went ahead and purchased the ticket. It was quite expensive, triple the usual price. I hoped with all my might, that I wouldn't be disappointed. 

And I didn't. 

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It was great!

I'm not going to discuss about the quality of the film, because I was happy enough when I lifted the 3D glasses, I couldn't see anything clear. I always do that whenever I see a 3D movie. When I can still see the screen clearly, than it's not the real deal. 

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Back to the ballet. After seeing the movie, I realized that ballet is very unforgiving. People who are trained as ballet dancer, have to work very hard to be successful. They have to practice the same basic movements, over and over again, before they can master the complicated yet sometimes delicate routines that make the whole performance. 

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The costumes are also very unforgiving. I pity the guys wearing super tight tights, who clearly defines their legs and their, ahem, private parts. Female dancers have tutus and skirts to cover their 'lovely lady lumps', but the male dancers wore short tops, so you can see the exact 3D of their, well, behinds. 

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I don't know why, but I kept imagining minions watching the male dancers and giggling through out the show and said 'butts' and 'bottoms' as if on loop. 

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The prima ballerina, Ekaterina Kondaurova, was breathtaking, especially when she danced as Odile. She was more alive and vibrant, and personally, I think more suited with her expressions, when she played Odile. She's a very strong dancer and she couldn't be fragile and soft enough when she played Odette. 

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Many people found the jester was annoying, but he danced remarkably well. He was better that the male soloist playing the prince. I love the music, but hey, I've been listening to Tchaikovsky since I found the classical radio station when I was in high school. To hear an orchestra played his work with the ballet, was kind of awesome. 

I watched the movie alone, so I couldn't gush and marvel with anyone else. It was a once in a lifetime experience, because although it was great, I wouldn't want to spend that kind of money to watch it again. 

Next time, I want to see a real live ballet performance, where I could see the sweat trickling down the dancers' faces and hear the thump of their feet touching the ground after flying across the stage.


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