Beer in a Teapot

These stories are based on true events. I'm not making these up.

One of my friend took her colleague, a Dutch, to eat at a restaurant in Jakarta. He ordered beer. 

Mind you, it's Ramadhan, the holy month of Islam. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation in the world, and in Ramadhan, most of the Muslims are fasting. The fundamentalist Islam organization such as Front Pembela Islam often raid restaurants, night clubs, and brothels during Ramadhan for serving food and drinks during the day openly, serving alcoholic beverages, and conducting business in general. 

The servant said the restaurant has beer, and he would serve it to him, but to avoid the raid, he would serve the beer in a soup mug. He said the beer can or bottle could not be seen openly, and he couldn't serve it with a beer glass. 

Imagine drinking a beer in a soup mug like this. 

The second time they went out, he ordered beer again. This time, the servant said the same thing, but instead a soup mug, he said he would pour the beer inside a teapot and serve it with a tea cup. 

It got worse. The beer wasn't cold enough. So, imagine drinking a rather lukewarm beer, from a teapot, with a tea cup.

Drinking beer requires a proper preparation, proper pouring technique, and proper glass. You can read more about the right way to drink beer here.

I love my country, don't give me wrong. But these kind of stories made me believe that most Indonesian are willing to find a crack, a way out, to avoid troubles. The idea that most of my fellow citizens would try to find short cuts and deceive other people, is kind of frightening. 

Picture of the soup mug was borrowed from here
and picture of the tea cup was borrowed from here


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