If I Had Loads of Money

A friend of mine asked me a question while we were walking past some high-end stores in a posh mall one afternoon.

"If you had a lot of money, would you buy the things they sell here?" as he pointed to the display windows.

I answered, "No, I wouldn't. Because I'd be buying books and traveling all over the world, spending the hypothetical money I don't have."

He smiled, and then laughed. As if he didn't believe me.

"Why?" So he didn't really believe me.

"The price is too ridiculous, for me. I can always appreciate good stuff, when well-made, but at a reasonable price."

High-end products like clothes, bags, shoes, are almost always made by hand. I don't think the person who made those stuff by their hands, would ever get the pay that they actually deserve. The same goes with most farmers in Indonesia. They sell their produce at the lowest price and once the produce reach the customers, the price skyrocketing through the roof, and the farmers get nothing out of it. It's not fair, but that's the truth.

I'd rather have my clothes made by home industry dress maker than buy branded clothes, even if I ended up paying almost the same price. At least I know that all my payment would be in the dress maker's pocket, not some other people who did nothing but selling the dress. Luckily, in Indonesia, people still be able to get hand-made product at a reasonable price.

By the way, if I had loads of money, I doubt I'd be spending it carelessly. It would be the very opposite, that is, I'd put more thought into every purchase, every dime.

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