Extreme Love #2

Yesterday I talked about how I love teaching two different age group students. I'm calling it, my love for the extremes. I love teaching preschoolers and university students. Now, I'm going to explain about another extreme of my love for teaching.

Since I love things that are located in the far end of a continuum, I hate almost anything that is half-way. I don't like mediocre effort, for example. I've met and knew people who experienced de-motivation at work. Please don't give me wrong, we're mortal being are prone to boredom and lack of motivation. But when boredom and de-motivation became illness without any hope of cure, it pisses me off. Workers who are tardy, unruly, for long periods of time, are not amusing at all. But I have found that some people find lazy and disobedient workers to be hilarious and make fun of them all the time.

I love my work, and I love teaching. People who don't like teaching, shouldn't be allowed to do it, at all cost. Why, you asked? Because you can't fake teaching. You can't just 'wing it'. Teaching a class required preparations, lots of them. You have to be able to talk clearly and interestingly in front of the class. You are sometimes required to do one on one session with some or all of your students. If you faked it, or winged it, the students will know and they won't be able to trust and confide in you. When your students don't trust you, it's over. You simply cannot transfer knowledge and attitude without trust.

It takes a lot of work to prepare a class. When you're not willing to work more, to work hard, your class will not thrive. You'll be bored to death, and so will your students.

I love my job and the many aspects that came with them. To be able to arrive in the morning and leave the office at 15.00, for me, is priceless, even when the pay won't make me a very rich woman before I turned 50.

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