My Favourite Lines from the movie One Day (2011)

I usually don't like romantic movies, but this one in particular kind of hit my nerves. It's probably because I really feel the words in some scenes in this movie, applicable to the things that I've been dealing with, and the emotions in me are still really raw. Watching this, hearing the lines, made me glad that at least someone, somewhere, gone through something similar.

This is the first part that I like. This is the part where Dexter, the main character of this movie, talked to his mother, Alison, after arriving late and drunk to see her.

Alison: Can I speak frankly.
Dexter: Do you have to?
Alison: It's my prerogative. I know that you're going to be a fine man, decent, loving, accomplished. But I don't think you're there yet. And right now, well, I worry that you're not very nice anymore.
Dexter: Well, there's nothing I could say to that.
Alison: There's nothing you have to.
This is the second part that I love, when Dexter and Emma, his bestfriend, fight. Emma storms out of the restaurant after Dexter said something insulting about her teaching job. Previously, Emma also mocked his hosting job at a local television.

Dexter: Look, I'm having fun, that's all. Look, I've been through a lot recently and I might get a bit carried away, but if you wouldn't stop getting at me!
Emma: Am I? I don't mean to and I...I know that you have been through a lot with your mom. I know. But there are things that I needed to talk to you about. About how I'm...I'm stuck in this flat with a man that I am not in love with! And if I can't talk to you, then what is the point of you? Of us?
Dexter: What do you mean, what's the point?
Emma: I think we've out grown each other. No, you have out grown me. You think I'm uncool and dreary.
Dexter: I don't think you're dreary. Em.
Emma: I think that if it's over then we should just face facts, say goodbye.
Dexter: Sounds like you're dumping me.
Emma: Yeah, maybe I am. You're not who you used to be.
[she turns and starts walking away from him]
[as Emma's just walked away from Dexter after their fight]
Dexter: Oh, come on, Em! Look, I apologize! Please!
[she stops turns and walks back towards him]
Dexter: Come on. That's it.
[she hugs Dexter]
Emma: I love you, Dexter, so much. I just don't like you anymore. I'm sorry.
[crying she turns and walks away from him]  

I think staying friends with someone is already hard enough, even without the complication of romantic involvement. I admire people who are able to do it with gusto.

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