I'm so glad I'm smart with more than decent education, grateful even. Because I have brain that works properly and I actually have a degree in a field that studies people, I then have the luxury of choosing the work and the job that I can actually love.

I thought about it this afternoon, as I walked inside a mall to do some errands. 

I saw a sales promotion girl, wearing this skin tight barely there outfit. The make-up was thick and she wasn't smiling as she supposed to. I saw her eyes and they wondered and empty, reminding me of a candle, flickering in the windy night. 

I instantly remember a line that my father used to blurt out, because it was always so spontaneous, I always believe that he was sincere in saying it. 

"It's a pity that some people have to go to all sorts of trouble just to make a living." 

He usually said this line when he saw clowns, slapstick comedians, and streetwalkers. 

Please don't give me wrong, I have nothing against any decent jobs and works. I also have nothing against sales promotion girl. 

But seeing that girl, standing in front of a fancy new car, wearing something that any sane mother would morbidly forbid their daughters from wearing in public, with vacant stare inside her eyes, made me thankful for my own benefits. 

I'm healthy, smart, have a steady job, lucrative side jobs, and I love them all.

Note to self: do not talk out loud to yourself inside a crowded mall, people tend to stare at you. 

Picture was borrowed from here.


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