I Have a Problem

Yes, apparently, I have a problem with stranger touching my stuff. And my body.

I noticed this a couple of days ago, during moving day, when I had to pack up everything that I have from one office to my new cubicle.

One of the staff offered to help. She suggested that I got help from the office boy. I said no too quickly, and regret it later on. When I had time to think about it, I didn't want the help not because I didn't need it, but because I didn't want it. I simply couldn't bear the thought of strangers touching my stuff.

I have similar problem when touching with strangers on public transport. I would get goose bums all over whenever I see women with long hair and untied, standing near me on a train or bus. I can't stand it when somebody else's hair touching my skin. I also don't like the touch of other people's skin on mine.

Am I weird or what?

Picture was borrowed from here.


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