Relax, I'm not going to talk about my ex-boyfriends. 

I want to talk about a former lecturer of mine. 

Today I met my most feared lecturer of all time. I swear, I dreamt about her when I'm scared about my classes or my grades. My friend who works with her said that she's different now, nicer, calmer, and she doesn't 'bite' anymore. I didn't believe my friend. 

But it turned out to be true. 

Maybe she's wiser now, and more patient. But my guess is, because she's a grandmother now. 

My mom and dad changed a lot after my nephew was born. They both seem happier and more relaxed. 

I'm starting to think that to be able to change, human need to change their title. They need to be exes. 

Ex-parent. Ex-lover. Ex-lecturer. Ex-partner. 

When a dementor-like-person could convince me that she can change to be a better version of herself, well, I think anyone can change. So thank you, Madame D, for this enlightenment. 

Picture was borrowed from here.


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