My Short History of Coffee Consumption

I didn't love coffee. For a very long time, tea made more sense for me. My mother and father both drink coffee. Black, ugly, and bitter coffee, with sugar to ease the dark. 

I started drinking coffee when I was studying in the university. The endless paper and assignments turned me into coffee drinker. Until it didn't work anymore, and I could stop drinking coffee when I didn't need it. 

I started drinking coffee again when I became a lecturer. Some of my co-workers are serious coffee drinker. They made espresso with milk and drink it after lunch to keep them awake throughout the afternoon. They usually offer me to share the coffee and I always take it. 

When I moved to the 10th floor, I decided to make my own coffee, for more practical reason. I just hate going up and down the stairs just to have coffee. I started buying freshly ground coffee and made my coffee daily with a french press. Then I got the idea to buy whole coffee bean and grind it with coffee grinder, to make the coffee more fresh. I bought a manual grinder (so I can still have coffee when there's no electricity), and my coffee always tastes better afterward. I take my coffee with heated fresh milk, and a pinch of palm sugar and ground cinnamon, if it's available. 

So, as I sit and write this coffee consumption history of my own, I was wondering whether every serious coffee drinker have their own stories about how they become hooked on coffee. After I can make a decent and proper coffee, I cannot stand drinking instant or poorly made coffee. I'd rather have water than bad coffee. 

The picture of manual coffee grinder was borrowed from here.


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