Lecture Series: Comprehensive Sex Education in Indonesia

I just want to share my experience last Tuesday as a speaker in an event called Lecture Series, with HIV and AIDS Research Center in Atma Jaya. There were three speakers in this event: one from an NGO, from the Health Department, and me, representing the faculty. The topic was comprehensive sexual education. The audience was varied, from many NGO's, high school and university students, and fellow lecturers. 

All three speakers were delivering lectures in different ways. The NGO's representative was a female, I think she's 20 something, and brought some liveliness in her way of delivering her materials. I kept true to my identity as a lecturer, and did the boring lecture way of teaching my students in class. The speaker from the Health Department was a female dentist, who was in charge in a program loosely translated as Health Care for Youth in government-run-clinics. The idea was to provide teenagers access to health care, without the usual judgement or prejudice associated of being teenagers. 

One of the main thing about this event I learned after was it's a relieve to find out that there are people out there that have worked hard to educate more people about healthy sexuality, both physically and psychologically. There are people out there who did try to make training modules, try to make programs, socializing and educating as many people as possible about the importance of healthy sexuality awareness. So, this is a on-going process after all. Somebody out there is doing something similar, like me.  

Unfortunately, we're all been working independently, separately. To be able to do something bigger, with major impact, we need to work together. We cannot all blame and point out our fingers to the government to take more responsibility and provide all the money. We all need to work together, within our best capacity, to do something. I can read, write, do lectures, facilitate, making training modules in sex education. So, I did. 

If you do care about some issues, please, do something. Don't just sit in your little corner and bad-mouthing anyone else but you. Get moving, get going, make something happen. Sulking won't do anyone any good. So stop throwing garbage at others and clean yourself up. Let's all share something that we can do and work together. My friend Clara and I once tried to offer our sex ed module to one school in Jakarta, and they finally refused us and went for other vendor. But we didn't quit. We'll do it again, and will do other projects, too. Why? Because we care. Because we're tired of ranting and complaining. Because we want to do something, not just saying it out loud in person and in the social media. 

Please, let us do something. Better yet, let us do something, together. 


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