Small Miracles by bonita & the husBAND

My first concert of this year: Small Miracles by bonita & the husBAND. 

My first experience watching Bonita sings was in 2007. It was in one of those small coffee place in Cilandak Town Square, with Wahyu. We were on our first date. It's still one of my most cherished memories, ever. The music, Bonita's powerhouse voice, the friendly atmosphere, just clicked together. 

Last night, the concert was amazing. It was beyond my expectation. 

I last saw Bonita performed in Coffee War, doing cover version of Mr Big's hits. It was so great, I think Bonita should take Eric Martin's job in Mr Big. I was blown away by her performance. 

Last night, at the end of the concert, I couldn't feel my hands. I was clapping so hard, I forgot that I still need them to have the ability to feel tomorrow. 

I believe that every singer should have the power to convey his/her feelings in the performance. Bonita can convey any feeling in her songs. To be able to portray such diverse emotions, you need to know and accept yourself, fully. And I think Bonita does that so well. That would also make her a terrible liar, or a secret keeper, but hey, nothing's perfect in this world. 

Speaking about perfection, I can't even begin to tell how perfect the performance was. If it weren't for the minor glitches in the sound and recording equipment, I'd say shame on anyone who dare to say one bad thing about that concert. It's like watching great gladiator tackling on a novice opponent. I had the pleasure of seeing many great artists performed live, but Bonita is beyond comparison. She's on another level, way above her own peers, perhaps. 

The song Bangun is my favorite, because every time I hear it, I want to cry. Such an upbeat and positive song, yet, it always make me want to bawl my eyes out. That's the beauty of Bonita, her paradox. One moment she can laugh out loud and be merry with anyone, and the next you'll find her tearing up delivering her thank you's. "Don't cry," yelled one of her audience, when she started to tear up, and she laughed, forgetting her words for a moment. I also found Pesan untuk Pram and 4 PM to be incredibly moving. 

I understand any artist decision to be independent. It provides more artistic freedom and give more space to achieve anything in their own term, time, and according to their particular needs. Being independent also means some adjustment and tweaking of expectation in the monetary department. I'm happy and willing to pay more than Rp 50.000 to see Bonita sings. Such small price for huge grin on my face and warmth in my heart doesn't seem fair or even decent. 

I wish more people can appreciate and enjoy the great work and humility of an artist such as Bonita. I think Indonesia is still in desperate need of great music and voices.   

Picture of Bonita in rehearsal was borrowed from here.

To read more about the concert in Bahasa Indonesia, you can go here.
To see the pictures from the concert, you can go here.


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