Today is the first day of Lent, the beginning of 40 days preparation for Roman Catholics before Easter. On Lent, Catholics have to practice fasting and abstinence, to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ and as penance for the sins made. They are also can be a reminder of others' suffering around us. Fasting means restricting the intake of food, which is to stop eating long before the stomach is full. Catholics are allowed to eat  one course meal, with eating only small amount of food in between, and drink only water. Meat is actually strictly prohibited to be consumed during Fridays on Lent, but now it depends on many things. Sometimes Catholics still eat meat during Lent, but in a very small amount.

On the other hand, abstinence can be in any form; from eating meat, from eating food with salt, from snacking, or from drinking. 

Surprisingly, I'm kinda excited about this year's Lent, for no particular reason. So weird. I'm such a freak.   

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