Turning Tea

I'm happy to say that I successfully turn someone into a tea drinker.

My best friend is a coffee drinker.

Although he and I are best friends, his mother has some negative opinions on me. I tried to smooth things out a little bit by buying her some tea, because I drink tea and I have some body of knowledge about good teas.

So I sent her this tea:

Of course, my best friend said that he bought the tea for her. She liked it and asked him to buy another pack. He also began drinking tea afterward. 

A couple of months ago he asked me to buy him tea that has a soothing and calming effect, the kinds that puts you to sleep better. One of his friends were having trouble sleeping, so I bought him these teas: 

To my surprise, my best friend drank the tea himself, and gave half to his friend. I asked him why he did that, and he said, "I want to try them, and it tastes good."

Couple of days ago, he said he want to buy a tea infuser, because I gave him some loose tea leaf. I told him to use tea bags, but he refused. I guess he's the kind that go-green conscious, so he wanted to go easy on using paper, ect. So, I promised him I will buy him one. I asked him about his tea supply, and he said, " I just bought two packs of tea. One variety pack and one variety of fun teas. 

The feeling of glee was too obvious, it tingled all over my fingers. I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot reading his message. 

To read more about tea, you can go here


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