Lone Traveler

I'm definitely a lone traveler. All of my trips to Bali made me come to this conclusion.

Let me explain this. First of all, as a human being, I don't really play well with the rest of the human population, not always. I'm stubborn and impatient, and that two qualities alone always give other people (and myself) a hard time in trying to socializing. I know that for quite a while now, so it's not really surprising.

Second of all, I like to do things spontaneously, especially while travelling. I don't like scheduled trips complete with planned activities. I think schedule takes the fun out of travelling. I don't mind some sort of plan, but it has the ability to be tweaked along the way. The problem is when travelling with other people, you kind of don't tweak anything.

Third, and this is my final and most important argument, I can't stand other people's pet peeves. I discovered on my last trip that one of the people in the group couldn't and wouldn't eat food that comes out of a box. Well, in a trip, you're bound to eat food that comes in boxes, because they are usually cheaper if not tastier. So she insisted on eating random junk food than eat with the rest of us. I found that very annoying and making me want to slap her across the face. It also happened in 2000 when I went with my university friends. One of my friends is a picky eater, in the worst form. It made the journey rather challenging, especially when trying to find a place to eat.

So, I decided, I will return to Bali someday, alone. I will stuff my face with roast pig with no one to complain. I will take that bike ride that I always dream of, through the paddy fields. I will drink wine to my content. Hell, I will have pizza with wine! I will go to Menjangan Island, Bali Barat once again.

The next time I visit Bali, I will be alone and have the best time of my life.

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