Gross Out

Today on my way to work, very early in the morning, I came across a sight that made me rather uncomfortable.

I saw two women, standing side by side, chatting about their work. One woman that stood directly in front of me had her hand on the railing, and one on her side. The other woman also hung on the railing, but her other hand was on her friend's shoulder, doing stroking movement.

The hand stroke was kind of odd for me, because it was done very gently, yet I found it very disturbing. I tried to look for other clues and found them on their gestures. The woman who was being stroked was leaning her body away from her friend, could be a sign of discomfort. But the woman who was doing the stroking was leaning toward her friend, with a smile and a look that made me feel more uncomfortable. It was kind of seductive and shy look on her face, and it sent chills to my spine.

I don't know why I keep seeing these things in public transport that made me want to throw up my insides, but hey, it also means that I will always have interesting materials to write about.

Picture of Converse shoes on a train was borrowed from here.


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