December in Bali-Pura Tirta Empul in Tampak Siring

Tirta Empul means water (tirta) that comes from the ground (empul). Pura means Balinese Hindu temple.
According to the folklore, there was a king named Mayadenawa who was very powerful but evil. The heaven then sent Bhatara Indra,one of the gods, to kill him. Mayadenawa could not fight Bhatara Indra and fled by walking with his feet upright, so he couldn't be heard, thus the name Tampak Siring came from (Tampak=feet; Siring=upright). Mayadenawa poisoned the entire troop of Bhatara Indra with poisonous water. Bhatara Indra put a flagpole on the ground and water came out from that hole, which then became the antidote for the poisonous water. That water source is now Tirta Empul.

The water that comes from the water is used by local people to do melukat, some sort of ritual of cleansing oneself from sin, impurities, or evil thoughts. Tourists and non-Balinese Hindu can also use the water to clean the face, hands, and feet, or dive right into the water. Since this is a holy temple, when people want to visit it, they have to wear long pants or skirt or traditional sarong, and long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt (no tank tops, please!) Also, any female who is on her period is forbidden to enter the temple. If this rule is broken (because of course, you cannot tell if someone is having her period or not from the outside appearance), bad luck or bad karma will follow.

These are some of the photos that I took at the Pura Tirta Empul:

The Water Spring

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